Your application from A to Z

Our application help will make it easy for you to put together a successful application.

Step by step, we explain how to best apply with us, why we suggest that you register on our recruiting portal and what you should keep in mind in order to ensure that the application process gets off to a good start.

  • How should I apply?

    To apply, please use the job assistant, which can be found in our recruiting portal. There are several advantages to doing this: firstly it is an economic way of sending us your documents without the need for a paper application portfolio. Moreover, it enables us to quickly begin processing your application, and enables you to check the status of your application at any time.

    Furthermore, you can use your profile whenever you want to apply for other vacancies at Rohde & Schwarz, and can keep abreast of new job postings via our job agent. After we have entered your contact details into our system, you will receive your login data and can maintain your online profile as and when you want.

    Please do not send us any protected documents, as the system does not support them.

  • Can I also apply “on spec”?

    Yes, of course you can. If you would like to apply “on spec”, you can create a digital application portfolio using our recruiting portal and then send it to us. Please register providing your personal data. It should only take about 30 minutes of your time to provide us with the most important details. Or simply send us your complete documents via e-mail. To send documents to our Munich location, please use the following e-mail address:

  • Why should I register?

    Registering helps us to process your application more quickly. Registered users can also save their search criteria using the job agent and will then receive matching job postings automatically. When you register, you can include your personal data, qualifications and experience on your applicant profile. As soon as you publish your profile, you will be considered for the job you applied for. Our HR officers will also review your profile to find other job positions that might interest you.

  • What documents should my application include?

    A cover letter, an informative résumé, all transcripts of grades (from when you were at school and university), as well as certificates and reference letters from employers and work placements.

  • How to ensure that your cover letter and résumé hit the mark at Rohde & Schwarz

    When applying to us, you’ll need to consider a few important points – particularly with regard to your cover letter and résumé – in order to ensure that we receive all the necessary information.

    Your cover letter, with a maximum length of 1 A4 page, should clearly convey why you are interested in our company and in the respective position, and should specify your earliest possible starting date. Moreover, it should also explain to us why you feel that you are the right person for the job. Please remember that the main purpose of the cover letter is to give reasons for your application to Rohde & Schwarz; it should not simply repeat the contents of your résumé.

    Your résumé should be clearly organized and provide a chronological breakdown of the most important stages of your educational and professional careers. Your professional knowledge and experience are especially important to us, and we would welcome more detailed, bullet-point descriptions of these. Of course, we also want to know all about your language skills and any other capabilities and qualifications.

  • How should I fill out the online application form?

    There are explanatory texts for you to read on every page of the recruiting portal. It is not important in what order you fill out the form, and all mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). As soon as you send your application, we will be able to see it and thus take you into consideration during the selection process. You will receive a message as well as an acknowledgement of receipt from the system sent to the e-mail address you have provided.

  • Can I add new attachments to my profile?

    You can upload new documents to your profile at any time.

  • What kind of files can I upload as attachments?

    You are allowed to upload a total of 5 MB. The following formats are accepted: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, bmp, tif and jpg. The data upload is encrypted via HTTPS, which means that your data is protected from access by third parties. You can also use all data you enter into your personal profile when you apply for jobs at Rohde & Schwarz in the future. Please bear in mind that your documents must be printable (so do not apply a security setting to protect them, i.e. with a watermark). Executable files (*.exe, *.com etc.), archives (*.zip, *.rar, etc.) and other media files (movies, audio, etc.) cannot be accepted due to security reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

  • Which web browsers are supported?

    The E-Recruiting System supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher as well as Firefox 2.0 and higher. If you use other web browsers, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the system will work properly. The speed with which you can access the system depends on your Internet connection.

  • Can I update my applicant profile or block it?

    Yes, you can do both at any time.

  • Can I leave the application form incomplete and finish it later?

    As soon as you have registered on the candidate portal, you will receive an e-mail from us with your user data. This means that you can leave the candidate portal at any time and return to it later. All the data you have entered will be saved.

  • What is the job agent?

    As soon as you have registered at our recruiting portal, you can save your search criteria using the job agent. New job postings that match your criteria will be sent directly to the e-mail address you provided. You can also create a job agent without completing your applicant profile in full (providing personal data, qualifications and experience).

  • What is the recruiting portal?

    Your user data gives you access to the recruiting portal at all times. Here you have an overview of all of your profile information, the current status of your application, the job agent as well as job positions that you have marked as favorites. You can also search for jobs on the recruiting portal and also change your user name and password. You can, of course, also delete your profile at any time.

  • I forgot my password. What should I do now?

    Forgetting is human nature. This is why we send your new password to you as soon as you click on "Forgot password" under "Recruiting portal" on the career homepage. There, you simply have to enter your user name and/or the e-mail address you provided when you registered. Should you experience any technical difficulties, please send an e-mail to

  • What happens when I publish my profile?

    By publishing your profile, you take a big step closer to us. After all, you have just successfully applied online to work with our company. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt on the very same day (if you have applied via e-mail, this may take up to three days).

  • How does the application process work?

    If you are interested in a job vacancy posted on our jobs page, clicking on the "Apply" button above the job posting will take you directly to our online job assistant. After carefully reviewing your application and concluding that we could imagine working together with you, we arrange an initial interview and look forward to meeting you in person.

  • Who can see my personal data?

    If you register but do not apply for a vacancy directly, your data will only be visible once you have published your profile. Your profile will then be stored in our pool of candidates, where it is visible to all line managers and personnel officers at Rohde & Schwarz. This means that you can be taken into consideration for other job positions as well. Until you have published your profile, only you will be able to access your data and edit them.

  • How long will my data be stored?

    When you publish your profile, you can decide how long you want it to be accessible. You will also receive regular e-mails reminding you to update or to delete your profile. If you do not publish your profile, your data will be deleted automatically six months after the application process has been completed. Once your profile has been deleted, you must re-enter your data to apply for another job position.

  • How can I retract my application?

    On the candidate portal, go to "My applications" and highlight the application which you would like to retract. Then click on "Delete/retract."

  • How are my data at Rohde & Schwarz protected?

    Please click here to read our data privacy statement.

  • Mobile use

    The depiction and use of the job portal on mobile end devices (e.g., tablets and smartphones) may be different than on a standard PC. We therefore recommend that you use a PC to apply to job postings and to maintain your profile, and that you use one of the browsers that we have recommended.

  • Why should I deactivate the pop-up blocker?

    We can only guarantee that the application process will work if you deactivate the pop-up blocker. We therefore kindly ask you to deactivate it in your own interest during the application process.