Greater scope for your ideas.

We are on the look-out people who want to use the scope provided at Rohde & Schwarz to realize their ideas. 

In this respect, it doesn’t matter whether you want to do formal vocational training or an internship with us, whether you are fresh out of university or an experienced professional. At Rohde & Schwarz, you are provided with considerable free scope. Your job is to then fill it with initiative, creativity and the boldness required to test out new concepts. Use the scope provided to you by this family-run company, a company that attaches great importance to values such as team spirit, collegiality and, most of all, trust in each and every one of its staff members. This environment allows both you and the company itself to flourish!Join us, and together we can share our passion for wireless radio communication and cutting edge technologies. By continually setting you attractive, challenging tasks, we give you and your enthusiasm for technology free rein. What we ask of you is that you are communicative, enjoy exchanging your knowledge with colleagues, both in Germany and abroad, and that you relish the opportunity to break new ground and push the boundaries of technology.