Standstill? No, thanks!

Rohde & Schwarz offers excellent continuing education and development opportunities.
Our company philosophy is geared to discovering and fostering the employee's potential in order to maintain our leadership in technology and innovation.

Consequently, continuing education is high on the agenda when onboarding new employees and in the annual performance appraisal meeting.

There are two basic paths at Rohde & Schwarz: Alongside the management career, you can also choose the professional career path as a technical expert. Of course both of these paths rely on individual flexibility and the willingness to take on new tasks and challenges.

Moving up the ladder – conventional hierarchies

Even in a high-tech company like ours, career paths are built on conventional hierarchies – naturally re-invented for the modern world. That is because one thing has not changed for many years: young talents and potential leaders must be spotted early and provided with the best possible training and support. That is the only way for Rohde & Schwarz to maintain its competitive edge in global markets in the coming years.

  • The development of our junior employees.

    We care today about the top performers of tomorrow. And that is why Human Resources Development identifies talented individuals together with the executives early on and gives them – as part of systematic junior employee development – the possibility of completing a personal assessment (Where am I at? What are my greatest strengths? In what areas can I improve?). The results of this analysis will then be used by Human Resources Development to develop a set plan together with the employee and their superior. This plan will take the most important aspects of the employees’s development into consideration and will enable the company to assist and monitor the employees’ career development.

  • The development of our executives.

    Quality is also important to us when it comes to leadership. That's why we have made it a priority to develop managers from within our own ranks in most cases. A transparent process is a key prerequisite for achieving this. Professional selection processes tailored to the specific job opening are a valuable tool for finding the most suitable candidate for the new leadership role.

    Individual development plans provide ongoing support for new managers in their new functions. In addition to the Rohde & Schwarz management program, this may include coaching or a number of other support models.

    Our experienced managers also play an important role in our leadership concept, however, and they, too, receive ongoing development support – for instance through special training in leadership, staff selection and intercultural skills.

The professional path

But perhaps the conventional management career isn't what you're looking for, and you'd rather stay closer to your chosen specialized field. Then there's nothing stopping you from pursuing the highly respected career path as a technical expert. What you'll need: a passion for technology, flexibility and a love of challenges.

  • Everything for your further development.

    No matter which goal you pursue: At Rohde & Schwarz there are many different opportunities for you to move forward with your development, including soft skills training, seminars on business topics or engineering, or external training to expand your knowledge.