Your performance must be rewarded.

Naturally, no price can be placed on your commitment – which is why we try to give you the recognition you deserve: with competitive salaries and attractive fringe benefits. This begins with a solid company pension plan and extends to special bonuses for births, marriage and years of service, as well as travel expense allowances.

But fringe benefits at Rohde & Schwarz also include a company restaurant, outstanding in-house healthcare services, including preventive check-ups and the arrangement of affordable company apartments or special mortgage rates.
Moreover, Rohde & Schwarz wants to make a positive contribution to its employees' work-life balance. For example, we offer sports courses (including soccer, ice hockey and volleyball) as well as major sporting events such as our annual ski races that bring together competitors from multiple locations.

We know that our employees are our biggest asset. And we are well aware that performance must be rewarded. You can see here what we offer.