A good thesis is the best job application!

Before you can launch your career, you still have a thesis ahead of you. The right place to write it isn't a company that just gives you a desk with a PC on it. You're much better off with the kind of company that can offer real support – like the way we do at Rohde & Schwarz!

The perfect partner for a perfect end to your studies

Whether it's a bachelor's, master's or Diplom thesis: With us you'll find optimal conditions to complete your degree successfully. We'll work with you and your professor to arrive at an interesting topic in our fields of activity. During your time with us, you'll benefit from helpful colleagues, the experience of top professionals and the scope you need to work independently. And there's more: If necessary, we can even arrange affordable accommodations for you. Secure your position with our company well ahead of time and start looking forward to attractive compensation and excellent chances of being hired after graduation.

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