Freedom for pupils and students

At Rohde & Schwarz we have the right internship for almost anyone – regardless of which phase of their education pupils or students have reached.

You are an ideal candidate if you are attending a technical school or if you are studying – or plan to study – electrical, communications or RF engineering, or information technology, computer science, technical computer science or industrial engineering. But you are also more than welcome here if you are interested in other areas. The important thing is to apply well ahead of your planned starting date, because places are limited – and in very high demand.

Vacation jobs for pupils

Earn money – but with a plan. Add a decisive element of hands-on experience to your time at school by joining us for xx (insert number) weeks to help out with various working processes as a member of our plant team. To make the best possible use of your potential, you will naturally be assigned to the departments that best match your field of study.

Join us for fascinating insights into our company and attractive pay. 
Would you like to earn a little extra? Click here to view our current vacation job openings.

Internships during the school term

Join us for an internship and learn about our manufacturing or administration functions while you are still attending school.

Internships for students

Help our project teams and support us in software or hardware development, design work or in our administration functions. Our goal is to hire as many future employees as possible for permanent positions with us after graduation. That's why we would like to get to know you well – and of course give you the chance to become thoroughly familiar with our company.

Does that sound interesting? For a list of internships now available, click here.