A new hand on deck – in very good hands

As soon as you join us, you'll have the chance to work in teams and show what you can do.
And naturally we'll always give you the freedom you need to develop and implement your ideas. At Rohde & Schwarz we place great emphasis on continuing education for our employees and are more than willing to take individual wishes into account. That's why we conduct annual performance appraisal meetings to identify specific development opportunities and agree on comprehensive continuing education and personal development measures.

It's always worthwhile exploring new areas of interest.

You can look forward to a steady stream of new tasks and responsibilities that will continually expand your skill set and competencies and (almost) inevitably make you an unsurpassed expert in your field. Ingo Juenemann, hardware developer: “Following my degree, I was very keen to find a company in which, even after a few years, I would still be working on exciting projects, and in which I would be able to continually redefine myself. And this is just what I found at Rohde & Schwarz!”